Simple Layout Components for React

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rlayouts is a simple collection of layout specific react components. The library does contain a few UI components as well but is not a part of the scope of the library

Get Started

Versioning Information

The react versions we hope you have

"react": "^17.0.1",
"react-dom": "^17.0.1"


The package can be found on the following link

The package will always have one latest and one beta release.

beta - Untested and Experimental Components
latest - Stable Tested Components


Pretty straightforward installation.

react and react-dom are peer dependencies and are to be installed by you


npm i @barelyreaper/rlayouts@latest
npm i @barelyreaper/rlayouts@beta


yarn add @barelyreaper/rlayouts@latest
yarn add @barelyreaper/rlayouts@beta

You can also use this git repo for un-released changes with

npm i barelyhuman/rlayouts
cd node_modules/rlayouts
npm i && npm run build

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